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  Barnabite Publications commenced in 2007 with its first online publication of a newsletter entitled Anthony Alive. In the following years, Barnabite Publications has printed religious materials: brochures, pamphlets, cards and other religious items for the use of the English-speaking readers.Barnabite Publications continues to fulfill its aim of evangelization through publishing and printing materials that provide spiritual means for renewing Christian fervor in individuals and in the world as envisioned by St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, founder of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul (Barnabites), Angelic Sisters of St. Paul, and the Laity of St. Paul. 



Most recent publication about St Anthony Zacsarria.

This book tells bout the life of Saint Anthony Zaccaria, the Reformer. In this book with the forward by Joesph Cardinal Rattzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) find out how St. Anthony Zaccaria fights what he believes is the worse enemies of the Faith, Lukewarmness and "Irresoluteness.(Go to Podcast at"  to more of his thoughts in his LETTERS Gather ideas from a 15th century priest on 21st century Evangelism


365-day Quotes of St Anthony Mary Zaccaria in six languages (French, Portuguese, Polish,Spanish, English, Italian) published by The Barnabite Fathers .


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The Newest and not in the Catalog, The Adventure of Anthony Mary mouse.

Anthony Mary Mouse is a story written in easy to understand meter so children can enjoy the battle between Anthony Mary Mouse and the cat Legiom.  The book has been read to people of all ages, young children to adults and has been enjoyed by all.  Contact the Barnabites or the author to purchase.  There is also a DVD available with the author reading the book.               

Catalog of Barnabite publications

Barnabite publications has several books, brochures and additional items in their Catalog which you can see and read portions by CLICKING on the image.

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