With the Lord's Help we are a charity that does.  All of our help are volunteers

The BARNABITES initiate this ministry in line with their Congregation’s charism: to renew Christian fervor in the world—a fervor which stretches out to charity and service among God’s people.

  • Began with 40 Hours of Prayer for the Philippines before Super Typhoon haiyan in 2013
  • As of Feb 6, 2014 shipped 121 boxes to the Philippines ...OVER 6 TONS OF CLOTHES SENT TO 8 DIFFERENT PLACES ...
  • Handmade layettes (14) for neonates were sent. They were made by two women from the Poconos
  • As of May 1, 2014 the Barnabite Heart to Heart Ministry was able to send a donation of $4,000.00 in memory of the late Dr. Alberto G. Estrada for the medical treatment of victims of the typhoon Yolanda, especially children, treated at the Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban, Philippines.
  • Provided funds for school goods for 250 2nd grade pupils in Palo.  Their school was destroyed by Haiyan.
  • Another ton or 23 boxes shipped to the Philippines
  • September 2013, Love Reaches Out- Father Robert, Our Founder in the Philippines purchases 200 lbs of rice and hands it out. Sees the need for Mobile Clinic.
  • 23 more boxes shipped to Mindanao
  • Sent $4,000 to fourth year high school students who lost parents in the typhoon and needed financial help to continue to graduate.
  • Purchased 1,000 bottles of vitamin C and shipped to the Diocese of Imus
  • One hundred and sixty bottles of multivitamins shipped to Davao Tribes Children.
  • 54 more boxes shipped to six locations in the Philippines in February, 2015
  • May 7, 2015 gave 27 Teddy Bears to police for children in stressful situations.
  • Year end 2015 following Cardinal Tagle’s visit we reach our goal plus.  Our total raised was $130,000
  • We received 13,000 pieces of new clothing that were seconds.  Since they were sweatshirts and heavy pants we cave them to the local poor, in North Eastern Pennsylvania.
  • April 30, 2016 purchased two equipped mobile Clinics in a Can to GO Manila.
  • In June we received 16,000 pieces of Blue Jeans and slacks they were sent to Caritas Manila  for their projects.
  • Sponsored 30 poor children to attend the St. Anthony Zaccaria Kindergarten in Medina, which opened in June, 2016.  We also aided the Angelic Sisters in the renovation of a building for the kindergarten.
  • Provided 500 T-shirts and 300 Flip flops to schools in Manila and LosBonons.

In June Cardinal Tagle dedicated the two mobile clinics for the use of Caritas Manila in the diocese of Manila. On the 4th of August Dr. Bromberg, a dentist donated two complete dental offices which were shipped to Caritas Manila


We couldn't have done this without the Lord's

help. We continue to Pray and ask you to pray for us.


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